Afraid to Shine?

Over the last five years, I've spent a LOT of time and resources working on healing and bettering by inner self. It has not been easy but it has SO been worth it. 

One of the things I have actively been working through is my fear of "being seen." 

Through out my years on this Earth I had learned that as long as I wasn't seen I was less likely to get hurt... from abusive/neglectful babysitters, a father who didn't agree with my life choices and was unable to respect boundaries, to family or extended family who truly didn't see me or accept me for who I was. 

It often hurt to "be me." It wasn't safe! I was misunderstood, rejected, and mocked.

Within the last few years I found out I fall into the Indigo Child category. These children come with personalities that are catalysts for new ways of thinking and shifting old paradigms. This is not a comfortable mission.

I've been known to speak up here and there. I'm straight forward and to the point. I respect you enough to not mince words or blow smoke up your rear. I also believe in you enough that you will hear my message, feel my good intentions, and be successful in implementing those messages.

I share truths because I love you.

A dear friend of mine sent me this quote and it wasn't until I read it that I realized it epitomizes the desires of my heart. I often experience a battle within my soul of wanting to do God's will for me, to fulfill my purpose, but other parts of me want to run and hide.

Part of my journey here on Earth is to work through my history of others feeling uncomfortable with the light I bring with me. I also get to work through my habit of wanting to hide my light so they don’t get the chance.

Living an authentic and real life means you are vulnerable and FEEL. I'll admit it, for years I chose to be numb, FEELING was my worst nightmare. But I have since realized my nightmare is actually not fulfilling my purpose. 

What so many people miss is that when you admire the light in someone else, it means you have it too! The light you see in another resonates or "wakes up" that vibration in you. The lies we hold in our minds tell us otherwise. They tell us that in order for our light to be seen we have to be the only candle burning. It's not true!

When lighting candles on a birthday cake we often light one candle then use that flame to ignite the others. In that brief moment of ignition both candles burn brighter together than they do alone. The light of one candle is so dim compared to a cake full of lit candles. OUR light is like this too! 

Where we get stuck is in the incorrect beliefs of lack when we see things we admire in others. Those misperceptions of lack and scarcity create jealousy and envy. It doesn't have to be that way! We all come from the same light and have the same grand potential to be like our Divine Father and Mother in Heaven. They are practically begging for us to shine, to be seen, and to allow ourselves to be used to do their will. Because shining our light, THEIR LIGHT, IS their will! 

Fear of shining is one of the limiting fears I cover in The Confidence Academy. My signature course where we deeply work with the subconscious mind so you feel safe enough to show up in bigger ways in the world. Click Here for more details. The next wave starts April 8th!

Have you been afraid of shining your light? Comment below with your insights.

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