Mission & Purpose Package

Are you a female Entrepreneur, Wellness Practitioner, Energy Coach, Author, Speaker, or Mentor semi-consistently feeling like you’re spinning your wheels because you aren’t confident you’re moving in the right direction? Are you not currently any of these but feel a STRONG pull to do something big to help heal the world? Do you feel a great responsibility to move forward with a specific purpose and/or message but not quite sure exactly what it is? This option is great for those at any stage of their process. Life Mission can help guide you in the beginning stages or help bring Clarity to those already in action. 

This package is a hybrid of what use to be called a Life Mission Consultation and short term coaching with deep dive energy sessions. Over the last few years I’d noticed patterns with my clients around their Life Missions. Many of them would need a bare minimum of three sessions instead of the one. The first session was a mass clearing of energies, programs, beliefs, and generational energies to prepare the individual to feel secure enough to see their mission, purpose, and gifts. The subconscious mind will often protect the individual from seeing their abilities until it felt it could be successful with the information. Once the individual received their mission/purpose information along with their gifts, they’d often have a lot of old fears and energies surface. We would then do a third session including coaching and deep dive energy clearings to clear a path for them to move forward with clarity and confidence in their purpose.



What to expect:

Over the course of an Eight week period you’ll receive six or more audio clearings, three phone sessions, and custom support/assignments to assist you on your clarity journey.


Your First Call

The first Deep Dive Session will be spent clearing out deeply rooted fears, family patterns, beliefs, and energies keeping you from getting clarity on what you were here to do. We also look into family, health, work, financial, and relationship dynamics to see what can be shifted. These are common areas that go into chaos quickly to distract you from your mission.


Your Second Call

Before your second phone session you’ll need to fill out a Discovery Questionnaire. This allows me to energetically tap into the deeper parts of your life mission, your fears, and your gifts. In the second call we’ll:

  • Pinpoint your Core Mission as well as any Supporting Missions. 

  • Identify God given Gifts and other pertinent Qualities, Characteristics, and Strengths. 

  • Identify perceived weaknesses and evaluate how they can be made strong.

  • Assess your Aura; we’ll identify how it functions and how best to magnify it to bring out its’ beauty while attracting the connections and support you desire.

  • Address and shift the biggest block you currently have keeping you from moving forward with your divine calling!


Your Third Call

During your third and final Deep Dive Session we’ll clear through deeply hidden fears and blocks that may have surfaced from the insights of your gifts and mission. With knowledge comes great power AND responsibility; we want you feeling clear, confident, and empowered so you’ll go out into the world and SHINE the way you have always been designed to!



What people are saying about Holly’s
Life Mission and Purpose work…


Cytel Schults

I recently had a Life Mission Consultation with Holly. I have been living my mission for the past few years, but felt impressed to have a session with her. I am so glad that I did! Through Holly's amazing gifts and facilitation, I was able to release a lot of beliefs that were holding me back and accept an even bigger piece of my mission. It has been life changing for me! My business has increased and I am sharing me and my gifts with more ease and confidence than ever before! Thank you Holly for living your mission and helping me step more fully into mine! Much love.


Dana Sorensen

Having my Life Mission Consult with Holly has changed my world! Since I became clear on my mission I have taken HUGE steps in creating what I want and it has been easy because of the clarity I received in my one consult with Holly. I have started on own events and making plans for other big events. Ive also been invited to several events to speak and share my message. My time with Holly was priceless! I will recommend her to all my family and friends!


Charlotte V.jpg

Charlotte Varble

Holly is one of the most intuitive individuals I've ever met. I already had a good idea about my life mission, but I saw great value in her skill to help me gain some clarity with it. And that's exactly what she did for me, plus more than I expected! I learned important pieces and honed in on specific wording and concepts that have been of great value to me as I've moved my life mission forward in the form of my business, being a mother and an every day disciple of Jesus Christ. I couldn't recommend Holly more!!

Chalise Watson

I find it very hard to find practitioners I can trust and I rarely, if EVER feel seen and heard, let alone understood, and Holly nailed EVERYTHING for me in ONE SESSION. There were gifts that I have known deep inside about myself, but had never been validated out loud by another person before and she saw them easily and clearly!!! She then cleared the blocks from around them and energetically “pulled them forward” so they could no longer hide! It truly opened a space for others to see those gifts in me, and they have since been validated by others! If you knew how long I had prayed for these gifts to be realized and VALIDATED, you would understand how significant this was for me. To truly be SEEN, UNDERSTOOD, and then fully EMPOWERED all in just one session, there are no words. Just a LOT of gratitude for Holly and her amazing gifts!

Mission & Purpose Package
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