Do you feel a STRONG pull to do something big to help heal the world? Do you feel a great responsibility to move forward with a specific purpose and/or message but not quite sure exactly what it is? This option is great for those at any stage of their process. The Life Mission Package can help guide you in the beginning stages or help bring Clarity to those already in action.

Mission & Purpose

Life Mission Package


This package is a hybrid of what use to be called a Life Mission Consultation and short term coaching with Deep Dive Sessions, Akashic Clearings, and Human Design. Over the last few years I’d noticed patterns with my clients around their Life Missions. Many of them would need a bare minimum of three sessions instead of the one. The first session was a mass clearing of energies, programs, beliefs, and generational energies to prepare the individual to feel secure enough to see their mission, purpose, and gifts. The subconscious mind will often protect the individual from seeing their abilities until it feels it can be successful with the information. Once the individual received their mission/purpose information along with their gifts, they’d often have a lot of old fears and energies surface. We would then do a third session including coaching and deep dive energy clearings to clear a path for them to move forward with clarity and confidence in their purpose. bring Clarity to those already in action.

What To Expect:
Over the course of 6 weeks we'll clear your fears to knowing your mission, discover your divine essences and Mission Archetypes, and rewire your subconscious mind for soul-aligned success.

In this session we discover your Soul's Essences and natural gifts. We also clear out any blocks & restrictions in the 5D in the Akashic Records that may be hindering you from fully expressing your Divine Blueprint.

 We also cover the basics of your Human Design chart so we can consider how you are supposed to interface with the Universe, not what our society has convinced you to believe. Your Human Design is used as a template for healing for the duration of the program.

Divine Soul Blueprint & Akashic Clearing

Life Mission & Human Design Session

In this session we'll Main Mission Archetype as well as any Supporting Missions.
Identify Gifts and other pertinent Qualities, Characteristics, and Strengths that assist you in your Mission & Purpose.
 Identify perceived weaknesses and evaluate how they can be made strong.
We'll also Deep-Dive into Your Human Design chart. This session is recorded.

Timeline Processing sessions

Over the span of three timeline processing sessions we'll release the main emotions and limiting beliefs getting in the way of you reaching your goals. These sessions are fast and gentle. 

Deep Dive with RTT®

Rewire your subconscious mind for success through Rapid Transformational Therapy®. In this 2-hour session, we’ll clear through deeply hidden insecurities around value, worth, lovability, and enoughness.
 We want you feeling clear, confident, and empowered so you’ll go out into the world and SHINE the way you have always been designed to!

From this session you’ll receive another custom subconscious transformational recording that will need to be listened to for at least 28 days.

Investment: $1500

Payment Options available

6 Weeks
Voxer Access